Web automation


Done24bot automates everything in the web including Instagram, Facebook, Webpages, Telegram, TikTok, anything Web Internal or external


the app from the latest release (exe for windows, dmg for mac)

Use it!

  1. Register and log in to the application.
  2. Start the application and wait a bit. At the first start it will download the chrome for execution
  3. Search for an execution plan like this: Instagram - likes by hashtag.
  4. Clikc on the play button and select the “demo” parameter, click on the play button next to the parameter.

The script will ask you to log in to instagram and once you logged in it will like the latest posts under the #instagram hashtag. If you want to use your own hashtag just create a new parameter and use the template.


If you have any question/idea visit send us an email to hello at done24bot dot com


Developer resources: