I am a first timer, what to do to like telegram groups?

1) install the app for Mac or Windows

2) Register and log in

3) select the instagram_like_by_telegram_activity.js

4) Click Start script

5) Log in to instagram and wait for the magic

6) For administration use the instagram_like_by_telegram_activity_admin.js

Videos to help

Install and login

How to run instagram_like_by_my_last_post_hashtags

Telegram Liker quick overview

This tool is to automate the web.

We save your cookies been generated when you log in to the website.

Can this run on Mobile?

In the next release you can configure it on a PC and run it in the background. So the script will run in the background. and you can stop/start, monitor from your mobile.

What scripts are available?

Only one script is available now but we will develop quickly a lot of new scripts.

I need more help

Please log in and use the telegram support