This is an application what works on MAC or PC. It does not work on PC!
First you need to download the MAC or PC version to your computer and install it.
One you installed start the application and register your account and log in.

We need your telegram ID so please go to telegram and find the @done24bot and type /start
This will give your telegram id to you. This is number, not a string, this is not your telegram username.

There are 2 scripts what is needed for the telegram group liker:

1. instagram_like_by_telegram_activities_admin.js

Fill the textbook with your telegram ID and start the script
When you start this script it will open a web page where you can see your telegram groups. Groups where we see your activity from the last 2 weeks.
If you do not see the group go to telegram @done24bot and type:
/group and the invite link of the group

2. instagram_like_by_telegram_activities.js

This script is the actual liker. Fill the input box with your telegram ID (not the username!) and start the script. Now start the script, log in to Instagram (if you not already logged in) and you will see now that each and every likes in Instagram.

The liker finished when all groups been liked.

If it finish straight means no post needs to be liked or no groups is visible for us.
Please post 1-2 times a day otherwise IG can block you for days.
Do not join to too many groups as IG can block you if you like too much